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Drumculture West Africa African Drumming and Percussion

Thank you for purchasing Musical Instruments from our online shop. As individuals and professional players ourselves, we've experienced some of the frustrations that can arise when purchasing African musical instruments and we make a promise that we will do our best to make sure that your experience of buying from us is a good one; after all we want you to come back and buy more! 

As all the items are handmade, there will be some variations in colour, carving or shape. 


Cowbell, Mambo, Wide Mouth

177 Sold


Wood Frog Guiro Rasp

2997 Sold


Sangban, Kambala (KDO1625)

92 Sold

£47.00 £43.00

Learning Djembe DVD (72.DJEDVD1)

89 Sold


Kenkeni, Kambala (KDO160)

99 Sold


Grello, Kambala (KGR229)

94 Sold


Bell, Ghana

98 Sold


Solo Chime

97 Sold


Tambourine With Drum Head

1973 Sold


Wooden Maracas

998 Sold


Wooden Maracas

96 Sold


Wooden Sand Tube Shaker

992 Sold


Metal Agogo Bell

89 Sold

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