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About Drumculture West Africa

Drumculture West Africa is a group of musicians, teachers and individuals who have been brought together by their love of music and a particular way of life, based on a respect of both individuals and of the cultural traditions that have been passed down through generations within West Africa.

Formed originally in 2003, it now continues to promote West African music and culture and tries to support the local community by donating 10% of the profits generated from sales on this website to a charity that enables young children gain access to pre-school education, sadly scarce in the region.

Libon Traore

libon traoreLibon is our principal teacher and supervises all of the teaching that goes on in the school. A lead djembe player with several groups, he is a superb musician and a wonderful teacher. Born in Guinea Conakry into the Susu tribe in a village called Kindiya, Libon (‘real’ name Naby Traore) is 43 and has a great depth of knowledge of West-African music and traditions. His mother, Mbaliya Keita, is a famous singer in Guinea Conakry and it was she who gave him his love of music. Libon is a great guy to be around; he’s simply passionate about music, has a great sense of humour and wisdom well beyond his years; he has a friendly, relaxed teaching style and has extensive experience of teaching in Europe at varying levels.

Mike Armstrong

mike armstrongMike has played various forms of percussion most of his life and began specialising in the djembe some years ago. He loves West African music and is an accomplished djembe teacher at beginner level. His experience of African music allows him to 'translate' teaching methods between the European and African cultures. He is also passionate about equality, community and the right of all individual to live a peaceful and happy life.


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